Jim Carrey om Eckhart Tolles bok en ny jord

Trevlig midsommar på er!

Visste ni att Jim Carrey är spirituell? Denna roliga galna människa visar sig ha betydligt större insikt än vad mina fördommar sa. Jag har kollat igenom en hel del Youtubeklipp med Jim Carrey där han visar på djup och reflektion.

För er som läst Eckhart Tolle, här är en liten snutt där Jim Carrey tolkar vad boken "En ny jord" handlar om.

Jim Carrey On Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth'

“Eckharts philosophy is basicly about the idea, that the present moment is all we have, all there is and all it ever will be. And most of us live trapped or lost in the movement of thought. Sometimes I´ve spent two hours of my day, thinking about one person that I resent, you know. And going through orations and you know, “if he ever says this, I’ll say that” and you know all those things. I find myself now when I get caught up in something like that becoming conscience of it and going: “oh wait, I´m here, I´m not with that person right know. I´m creating things that don’t even exist, you know. And it´s useless. It´s time badly spent, you know.” – Jim Carrey

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