Jordan B Peterson om att du inte vet någonting om ekonomi när du är 18 år.

... och om du tror det visar det antagligen på en överskattning av din kompetens precis som många människor tror sig vara bättre än snittet på att köra bil.

 "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." -  Confucius

Världen tycks presentera sig som en serie pussel varav vissa är du kapabel att lösa (om du anstränger dig) och andra inte... Vissa pussel är svårare än andra, kanske har  du inte uthållighet att lösa vissa. Men du börjar med dig själv och därifrån jobbar dig utåt, för det är så du bygger kompetens.

"Basically I'm not in favor of young people agitating and trying to change the whole world, and they think they know so much. I think young people should learn more and shout less." - Charlie Munger, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpzrHPYWojY (5:00)

Jordan B. Peterson om att städa ditt rum innan du ger råd till världen..

“My sense is that if you wanna change the world you start from yourself and work outwards because you build your competence that way.” – Jordan Peterson, hos Joe Rogan

“The world presents itself as a series of puzzles some of which you’re capable of solving and some of which you’re not. You have many puzzles in front of you that you could solve but you choose not to, those are the things that way on your conscious. It’s like “I should really do this” but you don’t.”
– Jordan B. Peterson, hos Joe Rogan

“Cause the question is, how much are we contributing to the fact that life is an existential catastrophe and a tragedy. How much is our own corruption contributing to that. That’s a really a worthwhile question. The things you leave undone. Because you’re angry, you’re resentful or you’re lazy. You have inertia. Well, you consult your conscience and it says, well you know that place over there could use a little work, it’s the same as working on yourself. And so you clean that up because you can, and then things are a little clearer around you. And you’re a little better off because you practice a bit. And so you’re a little stronger and then something else manifest itself and says, well maybe you can take a crack at fixing me too. So you decide to do that and that gets a little more pristine. You know and soon..  
It’s humble because you’re not exceeding your domain of competence. It’s like “don’t be fixing up the economy” 18 teen year old. You don’t know anything about the economy, it’s a massive complex machine beyond anyone’s understanding and you mess with at your parole. So can you even clean up your own room? No. Well you think about that, you should think about that. Cause if you can’t even clean up your own room who the hell are you to give advice to the world.” – Jordan B. Peterson, hos Joe Rogan

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