Zombie svars fordonet

Fortsätter med lite "vanlife-videos", jag antar att ni som läser den här bloggen gillar lite annorlunda levene.

“Zombie Response Vehicle”
Det står så på Phillips van, (Klistermärke i fronten av sin skåpbil (Dodge Ram)),

Något Phillip känner att han gjorde rätt:

03:30 ”I think the thing that I did right was not waiting for things to be perfect.” - Phillip 
//Känner så igen mig i detta, viljan att välja rätt från början.., //

04:15 ”All the fears I had in my head, about living in a van, I mean is just make belief, you know, you just scaring yourself.” - Phillip Aaron
5:50 ”You don’t own the house, the house owns you.” That’s actually what I found when I bought a house. It´s just consumed me, it was my everything. And I mean I´m not on this planet to just live in a house. I wanna experience life so.. I got rid of the house and I would never go back to the that.” - Phillip Aaron

6:15 ”I mean I have so much more expendable cash to go and do the things that I wanna do. Go explore parks, you know. I mean I just have a lot more freedom. I just feel like I am now my own owner, nobody owns me, I do what I want, when I want, how I want it. I mean what more could you ask for?” - Phillip Aaron

Phillip Aaron har en egen kanal på Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNAXyXyK_ONC7176xTZ1ng
(har tyvärr inte hunnit kolla in när detta skrivs)

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