konverterad van som heltidshem för nomadiserande kanadensiskt par

Gott nytt år på er! Hoppas vi får ett bra år! :-)

Mer video.. mer annorlunda boende, ni vet ju att jag gillar sånt här!

Converted van as full-time home for nomadic Canadian couple
Kanal på Youtube: Kirsten Dirksen

29:55 ”I think that human beings are pretty complex creatures. There´s a part of us that wants security and routine, and then there’s that part of us that wants adventure and new things. And I think we’re conflicted by those wants. We can easily get like caught into one or the other. And sometimes because of fear of change we’ll stay in one or the other.” – Mat
//fortsätter direkt //
“Sometimes we want opposing things at the same time. Like even though we do sometimes like stability and we like to sleep in our own beds and have our own plates or whatever it was preventing us from doing the other one. The cool thing with this life is that we can choose to have stability. Like right now we’re house-sitting for five months, but then we still have the flexibility to go and travel and drop everything. The cool thing about being nomadic is that your always flexible to do whatever you feel like you need to do, and maybe some people are unhappy, not because the situation is wrong for them, but because its preventing them from doing multiple things.” – Danielle

31:45 “I think in theory a lot of people can do what we doing here, but maybe in practice it’s a little trickier than it seems to be. I guess you have to put up with like a certain amount of discomfort and like uncertainty and surprise. And it’s probably not something that everyone is up for putting up with on a daily basis.” - Mat

35:30 “If you take the time to plan your life, you can create something amazing." - Danielle

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