Kloka ord från Robin Sharma

Hittade följande av Robin Sharma där han bjussar på tio lektioner som livet lärt honom. Mycket tänkvärt!

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"10 Lessons Life Has Taught Me
By Robin Sharma
#1. Givers versus takers always win (even when they think they don't).
#2. Dream 20x bigger because at the end you'll have wished you did.
#3. Doing work that wows is a massive source of pride, happiness and self-fulfilment.
#4. The hours we waste today we'll miss in the future.
#5. Success is so much more than just money. It has to do with what reaching a huge goal makes of you. It has to do with inspiring people by your excellence. It has to do with producing value that serves many. And it has to do with making your mark on the generations who'll follow you.
#6. Adversity is a servant of your growth, progress and talent expression. Embrace it's gifts and thank it's lessons.
#7. Health is a crown on the well person's head that only the sick person can see (told to me by a participant at one of my events).
#8. Investing in books, courses, conferences and powerful learning returns your investment 100x. Success adores the lifelong learner.
#9. The humblest is the greatest (and the quietest).
#10. Being polite, decent and loving will always serve you incredibly well."
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Adversity = motgångar

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